20 Famous Paintings You Can Recreate with Paint By Numbers

Unleash your creativity and bring the magic of renowned masterpieces to life with paint by numbers kits. With these 20 iconic works of art, from Mona Lisa to The Great Wave Off Kanagawa, you'll be able to turn your canvas into a dynamic masterpiece!

Mona Lisa –Leonardo da Vinci

Pay homage to the Renaissance period with this classic masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci. Mona Lisa has captivated people for centuries, with its mysterious and enigmatic gaze that begs interpretation. Get lost in creating this iconic painting, as you carefully recreate each brush stroke of history. Here are two of the most iconic masterpieces of Da Vinci: 

Fiddle - Leonardo da Vinci 

Mona Lisa - Leonardo Da Vinci

The Starry Night – Vincent van Gogh

Paint the sky in this beautiful monochromatic mix of yellow and blues to capture van Gogh’s masterpiece. The Starry Night is one of the most recognized pieces in history, and now you can bring it to life with a paint by numbers set. Dive into van Gogh’s swirling night sky and relive this timeless classic right on your own canvas. See more famous paintings of Van Gogh here: Van Gogh Paint by Numbers

Starry Sky - Vincent Van Gogh

Water Lilies –Claude Monet

Take a page out of Claude Monet’s book and paint your own version of Water Lilies. This beautiful piece is perfect for any art lover. With its soft, muted colors, this painting lends itself perfectly to the paint by numbers kit. So dust off those brushes and get ready to recreate one of Monet’s most well-known works of art!

The Scream – Edvard Munch

Express yourself and recreate one of the world’s most iconic paintings – The Scream, by Edvard Munch! This beautiful painting has become an iconic symbol of angst and loneliness, making it a great choice for anyone who enjoys expressing themselves through art. With its bold and vibrant colors, this piece isn’t one to miss out on – paint it in your own unique style with a paint by numbers kit.

The Scream - Edvard Munch

Girl with a Pearl Earring – Johannes Vermeer

Recreate one of the most celebrated paintings of the Dutch Golden Age - Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring! This painting is believed to represent a young lady wearing a headscarf, which gives her an air of mystery. Recreate this iconic look with your own unique painting using paint by numbers. With its tranquil colors and enchanting features, this famous work is perfect for any art enthusiast who wants to express themselves creatively.

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Happy painting!

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