From Novice to Artist: Can Paint by Numbers Help You Improve?

If you’re a beginner artist looking to improve your painting skills, you might have come across paint-by-number kits. These are pre-designed canvases with numbered spaces that correspond to specific colors. The idea is to paint each space with the corresponding color, eventually creating a finished painting.

But can paint-by-numbers really help you improve your painting skills, or is it just a gimmick? Let’s explore the benefits and limitations of this well-known painting method.

Benefits of Paint-By-Numbers

1. Build Confidence

One of the most prominent advantages of paint-by-numbers is that it can help you build confidence as a beginner artist. With a pre-designed canvas and clearly labeled colors, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes or choosing the wrong colors. This can be especially helpful if you’re feeling intimidated by the blank canvas syndrome.

2. Learn Color Theory

Paint-by-numbers kits can also help you learn color theory in a practical way. By following the designated colors, you’ll start to see how different hues and tones work together to create a cohesive image. This knowledge can be applied to your future paintings, helping you create more harmonious color schemes.

3. Practice Brush Control

Painting within the lines of a paint-by-numbers kit also helps develop muscle memory, which assists in brush control. It gradually trains the artist to be more accurate and precise with brushstrokes. 

This technique can help beginners gain confidence in their painting skills and can be a great way to practice before moving on to more challenging projects. Additionally, practicing brush control and technique with paint-by-numbers will provide a foundation for more advanced painting techniques such as blending, layering, and creating depth.

Limitations of Paint-By-Numbers

1. Lack of Creativity

One of the most significant limitations of paint-by-numbers is that it doesn’t allow for much creativity. Since the canvas is already designed, you don’t have the opportunity to choose composition, color, or subject matter. This can be frustrating for some artists who want to express their own unique vision.

2. Limited Skill Development

While paint-by-numbers can help you practice brush control and color theory, it doesn’t necessarily help you develop other essential skills like composition, lighting, or perspective. These are all important aspects of painting that require more intentional study and practice.

3. Dependence on Kits

Another limitation of these kits is that they can create a dependence on kits rather than building independent artistic skills. Paint-by-number kits can give beginners a false sense of accomplishment. 

While completing a paint-by-number kit can be satisfying, it does not necessarily mean the beginner has become a skilled painter. If you rely too heavily on pre-designed canvases, you may struggle to create your paintings from scratch.


So, can painting by numbers help you improve your painting skills? The answer is yes and no. While paint-by-numbers can be a valuable tool for building confidence, learning color theory, and practicing brush control, it’s not a substitute for intentional study and practice of other critical painting skills. 

As with any tool, it’s crucial to use paint-by-numbers kits in moderation and with the understanding that they have limitations. If you’re a beginner artist looking to improve your skills, consider using paint by numbers as one tool in your toolkit. 

But don’t rely on it exclusively—make sure to also study composition, lighting, perspective, and other aspects of painting to build a well-rounded set of skills. With time and practice, you’ll be able to create unique artworks that reflect your style and vision.

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