How to Find the Best Size for Your Custom Paint-By-Number Canvas

The beauty of creating a custom DIY painting with a paint-by-numbers kit is that you can play around with the size of your canvas and make it work for your space and style. Choosing the best size for your custom paint-by-number canvas is a personal decision and depends on the environment you plan to hang it in, as well as the impact you're trying to create. Here are some factors to consider before you choose the size of your custom paint-by-number canvas:

1. Analyze the Space Where You Plan to Hang the Canvas  

Before you decide on the size of the custom canvas painting you want to hang, you should consider the area in which the artwork will be placed. Make sure the size of the painting will match the space rather than take over it. If you have a large wall, go for a larger painting, whereas for a smaller wall, select a smaller size.

2. Choose a Size Based on Your Preferred Color Scheme 

The colors you choose for your paint-by-number canvas will also determine the size of your painting. If you want to make a classic canvas painting that will blend well with your décor, you can go for a smaller canvas that won't draw too much attention. But if your custom canvas contains a bright, eye-catching color scheme, larger canvases will highlight it better.

3. Decide on the Impact You Want to Create

When you decide on your artwork's size, remember that it will affect the audience. A bigger painting will draw attention with its size and colors, whereas a smaller one can create a cozy atmosphere and make the viewers feel like they're standing in front of it. Whichever size you choose, it should best reflect your vision for the painting.

4. Invest in the Right Tools

To complete your masterpiece, you'll need to invest in the right tools for the job. High-quality brushes, paints, and a canvas specifically designed for this type of paint will make your project easier and more enjoyable. Also, don't forget to get a few extra supplies like an ergonomic easel, palette, and graphite paper to help you round off everything.

5. Consider Other Placement Options

In terms of displaying your artwork, you have a few options. You can hang it on a wall, prop it on an easel, or even place it in a frame. Consider the placement of your artwork carefully, as it will affect how viewers experience it. For instance, a large painting on an easel might be the perfect centerpiece for a room, while a smaller one in a frame might be better suited for a hallway.


Selecting the right size for a custom paint-by-number canvas can be complicated. However, by following the tips outlined in this article, you can find the best size for your painting. Measure the wall space, consider your painting style and preferred effect when selecting the size, and think about other placement options, such as wooden boards or framed boards. With the right amount of dedication and creativity, you can create a masterpiece you'll be proud to show off. 

Crafty by Numbers offers custom paint-by-number canvas kits for a variety of sizes and styles. Our kits are made with high-quality materials, ensuring your finished artwork looks professional and beautiful. We also provide detailed instructions and helpful tips to ensure you get the best results. Get started on your custom paint-by-number canvas today!

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