Making Home Décor with Paint by Numbers: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Custom Wall Art


Enhancing your home décor can be a daunting task, especially when trying to find the perfect wall art that reflects your personal style and complements your interior design. What better way to achieve this than by creating unique, custom pieces yourself? Enter the world of paint by numbers, a versatile and enjoyable activity that allows individuals to craft stunning works of art – even with no prior painting experience! In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of using paint by numbers to elevate your home décor with personalized wall art.

This guide will cover useful tips for creating visually appealing paint by numbers artwork, as well as innovative ideas for incorporating your finished pieces into various room settings. We will also explore how to create a cohesive gallery wall that showcases your growing collection of custom wall art. Whether you're a seasoned artist, a paint by numbers enthusiast, or a beginner wanting to spruce up your living space, this guide will provide valuable insights and inspire you to transform your home décor through the relaxing and creative process of paint by numbers. Let's get started on this artistic journey to beautify your home interiors!

1. Choosing the Right Paint by Numbers Kit for Your Interior Design Style

Selecting the perfect paint by numbers kit is crucial in ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing addition to your home décor. Follow these tips to find a kit that aligns with your interior design style:

- Assess your existing décor: Analyze the color palette, themes, and styles present in your home. Choose a paint by numbers kit that complements these elements.

- Determine the room's mood: Consider the purpose and vibe of the room you plan to display the artwork in. Opt for uplifting images in living spaces and serene designs for bedrooms.

- Factor in personal preferences: Ensure your chosen artwork reflects your personality and interests to create a truly unique and meaningful piece.

2. Tips for Creating Stunning Paint by Numbers Wall Art

Crafting visually appealing paint by numbers artwork can be achieved by following these helpful tips:

- Use quality materials: Invest in a high-quality paint by numbers kit from Crafty By Numbers to ensure professional-grade canvas, paint, and brushes.

- Work in proper lighting: Ensure you have ample natural or artificial light to facilitate accurate color application and reduce eye strain.

- Start with darker hues: Begin by applying darker paint shades and progress to lighter ones. This creates depth and prevents lighter colors from being overshadowed.

- Keep your paints hydrated: To maintain the ideal consistency, place a damp paper towel or sponge beneath your paint pots to prevent them from drying out.

- Maintain cleanliness: Clean your brushes regularly to prevent color contamination, and cover each finished section with a clean cloth to avoid dust accumulation.

3. Incorporating Paint by Numbers Artwork into Your Home Décor

Seamlessly integrate your finished paint by numbers piece into your home décor with these suggestions:

- Coordinate color schemes: For a cohesive look, choose frames, mats, or accent pieces that complement the colors within your artwork or the room's existing color palette.

- Position strategically: Find the most appropriate spot for your artwork, considering aspects such as natural light, wall space, and balance within the room.

- Explore various display methods: Experiment with hanging, leaning, or stacking your artwork for unconventional and aesthetically pleasing presentations.

4. Display Ideas and Inspiration for Your Completed Paint by Numbers Pieces

Now that you've created a stunning paint by numbers masterpiece, consider these inventive display ideas:

- Create a themed gallery wall: Combine your paint by numbers creations with other art forms, such as photography or typography, to create a visually diverse and captivating gallery wall.

- Showcase them in sets: Display complementary artworks, either from the same series or with similar themes, as a striking set in your living room, bedroom, or entryway.

- Utilize floating shelves: Incorporate your artwork into a chic and adaptable display by arranging them on floating shelves alongside decorative items or books.

- Integrate them into a collage: Create an attention-grabbing collage by mixing your paint by numbers pieces with other smaller artworks, prints, or fabric swatches.

5. Expanding Your Art Collection: Creating a Gallery Wall with Paint by Numbers

If you've caught the paint by numbers bug and amassed a collection of stunning artwork, consider establishing your very own gallery wall:

- Arrange thoughtfully: Plan your gallery wall's layout by experimenting with various configurations on the floor or using paper cut-outs. This allows for a harmonious and striking arrangement.

- Vary frame styles: Use a mixture of frame sizes, materials, and colors to add visual interest and depth to your gallery wall.

- Include personal touches: Integrate sentimental pieces, such as family photos or mementos, to create a personalized and meaningful display.

- Update regularly: Keep your gallery wall fresh and engaging by rotating your paint by numbers creations and other artworks throughout the year. This allows you to showcase your latest pieces while keeping your home décor dynamic.


Enhancing your home décor through paint by numbers results in not only a stunning visual display but also a collection of cherished memories of your artistic journey. By selecting the perfect kit, employing skillful painting techniques, and incorporating your finished pieces into various room settings, you can create a truly personalized and inspired living space.

Embrace the joy of paint by numbers and embark on an adventure that allows your creativity to shine while simultaneously elevating your home interiors. Happy painting and decorating!

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