Paint by Numbers Kits and Their Effects on Mental Health

Colors have a significant impact on our mood, emotions, and behavior. Different colors have different psychological effects on individuals. For example, warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow can stimulate energy, excitement, and warmth, while cool colors such as blue, green, and purple can evoke a sense of calmness, relaxation, and peace. Therefore, it is no surprise that many people turn to art therapy to improve their mental health since they involve working with different colors to evoke certain feelings and emotions. There are different ways of doing this, such as paint by numbers kits.

Paint by numbers kits is an excellent way to engage in art therapy, as they provide a structured and easy-to-follow method for creating art. Paint by numbers kits come with pre-printed canvases with outlines of the image to be painted and numbered areas corresponding to specific paint colors. The kits also come with acrylic paints and brushes, making the task easier. Anyone can easily get into them because it has different themes, including landscapes, animals, and portraits. Beginners and experienced artists can enjoy paint by numbers kits, as they offer a low-pressure way to create art and improve one's mental health.

How Paint by Numbers Kits Work

Paint by numbers kits work by providing a structured method for creating art. The pre-printed canvas has numbered areas that correspond to specific paint colors. Each color is labeled with a number; the artist must fill the numbered areas with the corresponding color.

The kits also come with brushes labeled with numbers to correspond with the paint colors. This makes it easy for the artist to switch colors and ensures that each area is painted correctly.

The process of painting by numbers can be very meditative and calming. As the artist focuses on filling in the numbered areas, their mind can relax and let go of any racing thoughts or worries. This can be especially beneficial for individuals who struggle with anxiety or depression.

Mental Health Benefits of Paint by Numbers Kits

Paint by numbers kits offers many mental health benefits, such as:

Gives Your Brain Something to Focus On

Painting by numbers gives your brain something to focus on, which can be very helpful for individuals who struggle with anxiety or depression. Focusing on the task can help you let go of any racing thoughts or worries and bring you into the present moment. This can be especially helpful for individuals who struggle with obsessive or intrusive thoughts.

Helps Racing Thoughts Fade Away

Our thoughts are powerful and can consume us if we let them. Racing thoughts, in particular, can be overwhelming and exhausting. Painting by numbers can be a great way to quiet the mind and allow those racing thoughts to fade.

When you start to paint, you must focus on each number and color. This requires your brain to slow down and concentrate on the task. As you continue to paint, your thoughts also start to slow down. Your mind becomes less cluttered, and you can enjoy a sense of calmness and relaxation.

Engages the Mind

Painting by numbers engages the mind and can be a great way to improve mental health because engaging in creative activities reduces stress and increase overall well-being. Painting by numbers is a low-pressure way to engage in creative activities and improve mental health.

Getting Started with a Paint by Numbers Kit

To start on your Paint by Numbers kit, choose one that interests you. Many options are available online or in craft stores, so you'll have plenty of choices. Most paint by numbers kits come with everything you need, including paint, brushes, and a canvas with pre-printed numbers. If your kit doesn't include brushes or paint, make sure you have those on hand. You must also have enough space for your workspace to spread out and work comfortably. If possible, get good lighting.

When applying the paint, start on the larger areas with the corresponding color, working your way to the bottom of the canvas. Switch to a smaller brush for smaller areas and details as you work through the painting.


A Paint by Numbers kit can go a long way in helping you relax and unwind while creating a beautiful piece of art. Many choices are available, so it's only a matter of finding one you like. Remember to take it slow and follow the instructions to create a stunning painting.

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