Creative Ways to Display Your Paint by Numbers Art


There's a profound sense of accomplishment and delight that comes from completing a paint by numbers kit and creating your very own artwork. You've invested time, effort, and passion into your painting, and now comes the fun part: displaying your masterpiece for everyone to admire. Whether you're an amateur artist, a crafter seeking relaxation, or a gift-giver searching for the perfect personalized present, the final step in your artistic journey is showcasing your talent and hard work in a beautiful and impactful way.

At Crafty By Numbers, we understand the importance of fully embracing your creativity, from the painting process to the display of your finished piece. Our high-quality and premium paint by numbers kits are designed to captivate everyone, from hobbyists and beginners to art enthusiasts and stress-relievers, leaving you with a beautiful work of art you'll want to show off.

In this blog post, we'll explore five unique and inspiring ways to display your paint by numbers masterpieces, transforming your home or office into a gallery filled with your talent and creativity. Whether you're creating art for yourself or as a gift for loved ones, we'll provide you with innovative ideas that cater to all tastes and spaces.

But why stop at one painting? Let your love for art flourish and expand your collection of paint by numbers creations, making your living space an expression of your artistic passion and prowess. Inspire others with your beautiful artwork and nurture a creative community - your friends, family, and even social media followers will be amazed at your extraordinary skill.

So dust off that paintbrush and let's unveil some fabulous ways to showcase your remarkable paint by numbers masterpieces.

Classic Framing with a Twist

Framing your paint by numbers masterpiece is a classic and timeless option for displaying your artwork. Choose a frame that complements your painting's color palette and enhances its visual appeal. Simple wood or metal frames in neutral tones typically work well with a variety of paintings. However, you can also choose bold and colorful frames to make a statement. Customize your frame with a mat if desired, adding extra depth and dimension to your art while protecting the canvas from direct contact with the glass.

Take the classic framing approach a step further by arranging multiple paintings in a grid formation or gallery wall. This display option allows you to showcase your art style and create a visually cohesive and captivating wall.

Creative Canvas Wraps

Canvas wraps or canvas gallery wraps provide a sleek, modern way to display your paint by numbers art pieces without the need for a frame or glass. The canvas is stretched around a sturdy wooden frame, with the edges of the canvas wrapped around the sides, providing a seamless and three-dimensional feel.

Canvas wraps are an excellent option for showcasing your artwork in a more contemporary and minimalistic style. This display idea works exceptionally well in living rooms, offices, and bedrooms where a modern aesthetic complements the space.

Decorative Wooden Hangers

For a more rustic or bohemian touch, consider using decorative wooden hangers to display your paint by numbers creations. Wooden hangers consist of two wooden bars with magnets that hold the top and bottom edge of your canvas securely. This simple yet stylish option adds a unique touch to your artwork, drawing attention to your painting.

Since wooden hangers don't require any permanent attachments to the canvas, they offer flexibility in swapping out your displayed art for another piece when you feel like making a change. This display method is perfect for those who enjoy experimenting with different arrangements and styles.

Convert Your Artwork into Functional Pieces

Put a creative spin on displaying your paint by numbers pieces by transforming them into functional household items. For instance, convert your artwork into decorative pillows by transferring your painting onto fabric and sewing the material into pillow covers or cushions. This idea allows you to incorporate your art into your daily life while adding a personal touch to your living space.

Another option for converting your artwork into a functional piece is to attach corkboard or magnetic sheets to the back of your framed paintings, creating a unique and visually appealing message board or magnetic memo board. This idea is perfect for kitchens, home offices, or family rooms, combining practicality with beautiful art.

Light It Up

Illuminate your paint by numbers art by incorporating lighting elements into your display. Employing specialized picture lights or LED strips will enhance the colors and depth of your painting, adding visual interest and attracting attention. This display technique not only showcases your art in the best possible light but also creates a warm and inviting ambiance within your living space.

You can also create a lightbox to encase your masterpiece, adding a modern, high-tech flair to your display. This display style works exceptionally well for paintings with bold colors and stark contrasts, drawing the viewer's eye to your artwork.

Celebrate Your Artistic Achievements

Whatever method you choose to display your paint by numbers masterpieces, the most important aspect is to celebrate your creativity and enjoy the fruits of your artistic labor. Be proud of your accomplishments and let your art radiate throughout your living spaces, inspiring others and elevating your surroundings.

Continue exploring the world of paint by numbers and let your passion expand into new artistic creations. At Crafty By Numbers, we're committed to supporting your artistic journey, providing premium paint by numbers canvas kits that capture your imagination and excite your senses. Happy painting!

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