How Long Does it Take to do a Paint by Numbers?

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How long does it take to do a Paint by Numbers?

How long it takes to complete your Paint by Numbers project depends on a lot of factors:

  • How big is the canvas? Bigger canvases will take more time to complete than smaller ones.

  • How many colours are you using? If you're doing a single colour canvas, then it'll obviously be quicker than one with lots of colours.

  • How much time can you dedicate to the project? Are you planning on painting for an hour every day or just once a week? This will have a major impact on how long it takes.

  • How good are you at painting in general? You might not consider yourself as talented as Van Gogh or Escher, but if you already have some painting experience, then this will also affect how quickly (or slowly) you finish your first Paint by Numbers.

  • Finally, how good are you at following instructions and staying within the lines of your pre-determined numbers template? The goal of Paint by Numbers is that anyone can follow the guidelines and create their own masterpiece, so don't worry if your paintings typically vary wildly from what they were supposed to look like! You may want to practice staying within the lines with crayons before moving onto paint by numbers.

Why does it take so long to do a Paint by Numbers?

The time it takes to complete a Paint by Numbers can vary significantly according to the size and complexity of the image. If you’re using Paint by Numbers as a way to relax and unwind, then you might choose an image that is smaller and has less detail, which will take less time. A larger, more complex design will take longer to complete. This is because there are more numbers in each section of the grid, therefore more areas you will need to paint. The amount of time this takes varies considerably depending on how much care you are taking over filling the area with paint accurately as well as what tools (like brushes) you’re using to fill in these areas.

The reasons why some people prefer one type of Paint by Numbers over another include whether they want an image that requires care or detail vs a simpler one that is easier to finish quickly so they can start a new project right away — it all depends on what works for them.

How big is a paint by numbers canvas?

How big is your paint by numbers canvas?

The size of a paint by numbers canvas is entirely dependent on the kit you purchase. Smaller canvases take less time to complete. Larger canvases take more time to complete.

In general, you can expect smaller canvases (18” x 14” or 20” x 16”) to take between 2 and 4 hours to complete, depending on the number of colors. Medium-sized canvases (24” x 18”) could take 3 to 6 hours, and large canvases (30” x 24”) could take 3 - 10 hours.

What are the best brushes to use for a Paint by Numbers?

The brushes that you use can make or break your Paint by Numbers. Your success depends not only on the quality of the paint and canvas, but also on how well your brush is suited to the project. You can see our Premium Paint Brushes in the store here

Your brush should have short bristles, a pointed tip, and be suitable in size to your canvas. Ideally, you would use an acrylic paint brush with an ultra-fine point.

It’s hard to overstate how important it is to use good brushes!

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  • Ainslie

    I have now done at least 10 paint by numbers – all 16×20 inch and one larger. Because most colours will need to be painted ant least twice, they take much longer than indicated in your blurb. In my experience, even the most basic with large, plain backgrounds have taken more than 10 hours, with very detailed ones taking much, much longer. Allowing for drying between colours, and life and work, they all take weeks to complete.

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