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Animal Paint By Numbers Kits

121 products
    121 products

    Indulge your love of nature, while cultivating a beautiful piece of artwork to display. Crafty by Numbers offers a variety of animal paint by numbers kits — from an abstract frog to elephants in the sunset. Create a masterpiece when choosing from our wildlife paint by number kits.

    Our designs range from whimsical to realistic, so there are options for every taste. Plus, when using one of our animal paint by number kits, you know what the result will look like. Even better, the process of making it will be a relaxing, stress-relieving way to have fun. You can buy an animals by number kit for yourself or as a special gift for a friend, family member or co-worker. We’ve made our animal paint by numbers for adults or children.

    Browse our various paint by numbers wildlife sets below!

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