Why You Should Make Paint-by-Numbers a New Hobby in 2023

Whether you just got home from a hectic school or work day, unwinding can do wonders for your overall well-being. It can boost your mood and reduce stress. Spending your free time can also help you tap into your creative side. 

While there's nothing wrong with playing musical instruments or trying a new sport, you can spend your priceless free time considering paint-by-numbers. This fun activity involves coloring already prepared images and is ideal for anyone who loves art. 

If you want to unleash your creativity and make your free time more fulfilling, this article will define paint-by-numbers and why you should make it your new hobby this 2023.

What Is Paint-by-Numbers?

Paint-by-numbers is your perfect hobby if you love fun activities like drawing and coloring. This excellent hobby is a coloring set with brushes, colored tubes with numbers, and a big drawing with thin lines and numbers marked next to each figure or field. Besides being a relaxing activity, it’s also a great way to decorate your home with unique artwork and unleash creativity. You can create a beautiful piece by just painting each area with a color that matches the number. 

Is It an Easy Concept?

Paint-by-numbers is a more advanced version of our old coloring books as kids. While it has smaller fields and more colors, it’s still fun and easy to do. And the best part is you’ll have a beautiful masterpiece worth flexing online! 

4 Reasons You Should Start Painting-By-Numbers This 2023

We all deserve to relax, especially when working long hours has already become a part of our routines. Painting by numbers is an excellent way to relieve stress because it requires minimal equipment and lets you focus on the simple painting task. After defining paint-by-numbers and determining the difficulty level, this section will explain why you should make it your new hobby this 2023.

1. Paint-By-Numbers Unleashes Your Creativity

Everyone deserves a creative outlet, especially if you’ve been overworking lately. Besides helping you express your feelings healthily and relax, creativity lets you show off your authentic self. You can unleash your creativity by considering paint-by-numbers your new favorite past-time. 

Even if the colored boxes are already marked, you can still choose the colors and make your artwork pop. The best part is you’ll finish with a beautiful work of art you can proudly display because you’ve invested your priceless free time in creating it.

2. The Different Colors Will Help You Forget All Your Troubles

The world is already stressful enough with the global crisis and uncertainties, and you wouldn’t want to add to that stress after a challenging workday. Adding various colors to your routine can distract you from daily difficulties. Psychologists usually recommend their clients surround themselves with vibrant colors when feeling negative emotions because the range of colors can soothe the mind and relax the body again. 

3. Your Artworks Lets You Beautify Your Home

Paint-by-numbers is a great way to pass the time and create something beautiful. You only need to purchase the most appealing set and take the time to paint it carefully. Once done, frame the piece and find a spot to hang it in your home. That way, you can relax while adding a nice touch to your space. 

4. You Can Make a Paint-By-Numbers Custom Option from Your Favorite Picture

You're wrong if you think you’re limited to the options available at a local store. These kits offer great flexibility, like customized colors and equipment to fit your needs. A trusted company can also make the kit from a photo you provide. 


Paint-by-numbers is a hobby that people of all ages and skill sets can enjoy, especially after a hectic day. You can create a stunning masterpiece and beautify your home by investing in this hobby and custom options. 

If you’re considering paint-by-numbers this 2023 to relax after a stressful day, check out Craft by Numbers! We provide high-quality kits that let everyone create unique masterpieces. Shop our canvases now!

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