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How To Paint by Numbers

Step #1 Match

Match the paint to the corresponding number on the canvas. This ensures that you are using the correct color for each section of the painting. To do this, place your chosen paint on a flat surface.

Step #2 Paint

Apply the paint within the designated space on the canvas. Keep the brush strokes within the marked area to avoid going outside of it. This is where the magic happens and your painting starts to take shape.

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Step #3 Repeat

Allow the paint to dry completely before displaying your completed artwork. Remember also to clean your brushes and palettes after use to maintain them in good condition. Once dry, you can display your painting as desired.

What is Paint by Numbers?

Paint by Numbers is a fun and easy hobby that is perfect for all skill levels, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned painter. The concept is simple: each canvas is pre-printed with a numbered outline, and you simply fill in the spaces with the corresponding paint colors. This method allows you to create beautiful and detailed paintings without the need for extensive artistic skills. With a wide variety of themes and subjects to choose from, there's something for everyone. Start your Paint by Numbers journey today and discover the joy of painting!

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