Elevate Your Paint by Numbers Projects with DIY Framing

Completing a paint by numbers project is an incredibly rewarding experience. From choosing the perfect kit to watching your canvas transform into a beautiful work of art, every step of the process is enjoyable and fulfilling. Naturally, once your masterpiece is finished, you'll want to display it proudly. A well-crafted frame not only protects your artwork but also enhances its appearance, complementing your home or office décor.

In this blog post, we'll explore the world of DIY framing techniques to help you showcase your paint by numbers projects in the most impressive and cost-effective way. From selecting the right materials and styles to assembling your custom frame and adding finishing touches like glass and matting, we've got you covered. By learning how to create your own frames, you'll be able to personalize your artwork display, ensure a perfect fit, and celebrate your achievements as an artist.

Choosing the Right Frame: Materials, Styles, and Colors

Selecting the perfect frame to complement your paint by numbers masterpiece is crucial, and understanding your options is the first step:

  1. Materials: Frames can be made from various materials, including wood, metal, plastic, or recycled materials. Consider your preferences, budget, and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve.
  1. Styles: There's a wide range of frame styles to choose from, such as ornate, modern, rustic, or minimalistic. Consider the vibe of your paint by numbers artwork and your home décor when choosing a frame style.
  1. Colors: Frame colors can either complement or contrast with your artwork. Keep in mind that neutral colors like black, white, and natural wood tones usually work well with most paint by numbers projects.

Spend some time browsing online galleries or your local craft store to gather inspiration and choose a frame material, style, and color that best showcases your artwork.

Measure Twice, Cut Once: How to Accurately Measure Your Paint by Numbers Artwork

Having accurate measurements of your paint by numbers canvas is essential for custom framing. Follow these steps to measure your artwork:

  1. Lay your canvas on a flat, clean surface.
  2. Using a ruler or tape measure, take the measurements of the length and width of your canvas. Be sure to measure from edge to edge, including any white borders.
  3. Measure the thickness of the canvas stretcher bars or frame if your artwork is already mounted.
  4. Write down your measurements, and use them to determine the dimensions of the frame you'll build.

Remember the old saying "measure twice, cut once" – it's always best to double-check your measurements for accuracy before proceeding.

Assembling Your Custom Frame: Step-by-Step Guide

With your measurements in hand, it's time to assemble your custom frame. Follow these steps to ensure a professional result:

  1. Purchase or cut frame molding to your specified measurements, ensuring 45-degree angles on each end for a seamless fit. You may purchase pre-cut molding online or at your local craft store, or use a miter saw to cut the lengths yourself.
  2. Lay out your frame pieces on a clean, flat surface, aligning the corners accurately.
  3. Apply wood glue or adhesive to the corners of the frame, pressing them together firmly.
  4. Use a corner clamp, band clamp, or painter's tape to secure the corners while the glue dries.
  5. If necessary, reinforce the joints using frame joining hardware like corner brackets, v-nails, or splines.
  6. Once the glue has dried and your frame is solidly constructed, sand any rough edges and apply your desired finish (paint, stain, or varnish).

Finishing Touches: Glass, Matting, and Hanging Hardware

Your custom frame is nearly complete, but a few finishing touches will ensure a professional appearance and protect your paint by numbers artwork:

  1. Glass: Consider adding glass or plexiglass to protect your artwork from dust and UV light. Ensure it's cut to fit your frame's dimensions and secure it using clips or framing points.
  2. Matting: A mat adds a polished look to your framed artwork and can also help draw attention to specific colors within the piece. Choose a mat that complements your frame and artwork, and have it custom cut to fit your frame securely.
  3. Hanging Hardware: Attach your preferred hanging hardware, like sawtooth hangers or D-rings, to the back of your frame.


By learning the art of DIY framing, you can proudly display your paint by numbers masterpieces, creating a perfect showcase for your talent and hard work. With the right frame materials, styles, colors, and finish, your artwork will become an eye-catching focal point in your home or office décor.

As you continue to explore your creativity through paint by numbers projects, remember that mastering new skills like framing takes time and practice. Be patient with yourself, and enjoy the process of enhancing your artwork and celebrating your achievements. Happy framing!

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