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    12 products

    Embark on a celestial journey with our exclusive "Zodiac Signs of Crafty by Numbers" collection, where the mystique of the zodiac meets the delight of crafting. Each piece in this series is intricately designed to reflect the unique traits and aesthetic of the twelve zodiac signs, from the fiery ardor of Aries to the dreamy depths of Pisces.

    Crafted with both the novice and the expert crafter in mind, this collection offers a variety of kits that include everything needed to create a personalized zodiac masterpiece. Whether you choose to dive into the vibrant, dynamic scenes of Leo or embrace the subtle, intricate details of Virgo, each kit promises a rewarding crafting experience.

    What’s Inside:

    • Pre-printed numbered templates: Easy-to-follow guides that ensure beautiful results.
    • High-quality crafting materials: From premium threads to unique beads and sequins, our kits come packed with the best materials to bring your zodiac sign to life.
    • Detailed instructions: Clear, step-by-step instructions tailored to each sign’s thematic elements and symbolic colors.

    Perfect for gifting or a personal retreat into the world of crafting and astrology, our "Zodiac Signs of Crafty by Numbers" collection not only offers a relaxing pastime but also a deeper connection to the stars. Create, enjoy, and align with your astral story through the art of crafting!

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