How to Paint by Numbers: Step-by-Step Guide

Painting by numbers is a creative activity that is perfect for all ages, whether you're new to art or looking for a hobby that will relax and express your creativity. With this guide, you'll learn all the steps needed to transform blank canvas into a beautiful masterpiece using paints and unique numbering system.

Gather Supplies and Prepare Your Area.

Before you start painting, the first step is to gather all the supplies that you need. This includes a canvas with numbers, paintbrush, and paints. It is also important to choose a comfortable area where you can focus on your artwork without interruption. Set up your workspace materials near a good light source and cover any surfaces that could be damaged by paint splatter. Make sure all supplies are readily accessible and enjoy this creative experience!

Measure, Mark, Number and Ready the Canvas.

Begin by measuring the canvas and mark it off into grid-like sections. Each section will have a corresponding number. This will make it easier to choose the right paints for each area. You should also lightly draw in any lines that are indicated on the image to separate the colors from each other. Once you’re done, you can start with the painting fun!

Add the numbered sticker to each painting

After you’ve marked off the canvas and lightly drawn the lines, it’s time to add the numbered stickers that correspond with each color. Peel off each sticker and place it discreetly on each section of your artist canvas. This will help ensure that you are accurate in where you apply each color of paint. Be sure to number each square so you can reference the chart later if needed!

Sort Out the Paints for Easy Accessibility 

Lay out all the small containers of acrylic paint in a line, corresponding with the numbered stickers placed on your canvas. Make sure to have a brush dedicated to each color so you don’t mix them up and get streaks. Use the container lids to protect unused paint for easy storage. Having the paints in clear view allows you to easily grab the right color without having to look around for it!

Choose a Paint Layout Technique: Per Color or Overall Layout

Whether you’re a beginner or electronic paint by numbers enthusiast, there are two key techniques to pick from when laying out your paints. You may choose to have a separate paintbrush and canvas layout for each color, setting aside an area on your canvas where all the brush strokes of that particular color will appear. Or, you can opt for an overall layout of the whole painting - keeping all colors in sight so you can switch between them easily.

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