Need a New Hobby? Let’s Explore the Paint-by-Numbers World!

Welcome to the world of adulting, where responsibilities and challenges hit you from all angles. This journey can be exciting for many people, from paying bills and choosing a career path to navigating relationships. However, it can also be an overwhelming and daunting time, which may make you want to tap out for a while. 

One of the best ways to temporarily escape adult responsibilities is to try a new hobby, like paint by numbers! These kits include a pre-divided canvas, paint brushes, and various paint colors. They're also available in different difficulty levels, making them ideal for beginner and master painters. 

If you want to unlock your creative side and make something you can proudly share, let's dive into the paint-by-numbers world and see why it can help. 

Paint-by-Numbers: What Is It and Why You Should Try It?

Paint-by-numbers kits are sets with everything adults need to create a painting, including pre-printed outlines with numbers corresponding to different colors. They’re available in various styles and themes, like landscapes. These kits also allow you to create detailed and beautiful natural scenes with different colors to capture the landscape’s essence. 

Additionally, painting can be therapeutic and relaxing, letting you focus on your task without worrying about the outcome. 

What Is Art Therapy and How to Do It Right

Although ordinary paint-by-number options can help you unwind from your daily adult responsibilities, you can also try art therapy kits for a more therapeutic experience. It's a therapeutic tool that can significantly enhance mental and emotional health and help you express yourself. Also,  you can do it at home without needing the help of a professional therapist. Here are three helpful steps to do this hobby right. 

1. Gather Your Art Supplies

You can’t get your creative juices flowing without getting the needed materials. Gather your essentials, like paper, paints, markers, colored pencils, and canvases. Next, choose the materials you can efficiently work with and set a consistent weekly time to practice art therapy. It can be a few moments daily or an hour weekly. 

2. Find a Quiet Space

While there’s nothing wrong with listening to your favorite songs while working, you can be successful in art therapy by finding a peaceful and secluded area at home where you can paint without interruptions. It could be your living room table or somewhere in your backyard. 

Next, select a theme or prompt to concentrate on, like what brings you joy or your biggest fears, and begin your artwork. Remember to focus on creating the masterpiece, not the outcome. Also, it’s the perfect time to let go of your self-doubt.

3. Reflect on Your Creation 

Once you finish your artwork, take some time to think about what you made and how it makes you feel. You can write down your thoughts in a journal or share them with a trusted friend or relative to help you explore and understand your emotions better. 

Why You Should Consider Landscape Paint by Numbers

Here are three reasons to try landscape paint-by-numbers as an adult. 

1. Reduce Stress 

Painting by numbers can be a therapeutic and satisfying process that can reduce stress, allow creativity and self-expression, and enhance well-being. 

2. It’s Ideal for All Skill Levels and Ages

Landscape paint-by-numbers provides a clear guide for beginners. On the other hand, it can offer a fun challenge for more experienced painters to experiment with different techniques and color combinations. 

3. Experience Nature’s Beauty at Home

From Tuscany to the Grand Canyon, landscape paint-by-number kits let you experience different parts of the world without leaving home. 


We understand that facing the real world can be stressful. Fortunately, you can temporarily escape your adult responsibilities by trying paint-by-numbers as a hobby. 

If you’re an adult wanting to try paint-by-numbers, check out Crafty by Numbers! We offer high-quality kits to help everyone create a masterpiece, regardless of their skill level. Shop our options now!

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