Still Life & Seascape Paint By Numbers

22 products

    22 products

    There’s nothing like the sea to melt your cares away — but you don’t have to take a trip to the ocean to experience its calming presence! Sketch By Numbers has DIY painting kits that offer all the relaxation of a day at the sea in a fun and relaxing pastime you can do anywhere.

    Choose one of our seascape paint by numbers and you can create a work of art that’s as enjoyable to paint as it is to look at when complete! We have options featuring the beach, boats, trees, sunsets, maritime scenes and even still life scenes. Create a replica of a favorite Van Gogh. Watch Italian beaches come to life as you paint The Blue Ocean City of Italy. Whether you want to create a classic street view or a vintage sailboat, we make it approachable and accessible.

    Because they’re so fun to paint for artists of all levels, our paint by numbers make great gifts for yourself or others. Round up some friends for a DIY art night. Send a special someone a way to kick back and relax. For more ideas, browse our collection on this page!

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